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Image by Pawel Czerwinski


B12 (Methylcobalamin)

Increase energy levels

Boost metabolism

Helps the production of RBC

Improves anxiety

5B complex (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6)

Thiamine: Aids in the conduction of nerve signals

Riboflabin: Helps converts food into energy

Niacin: Helps inflammation, improves circulation, helps make hormones

Pantothenic acid: Metabolizes carbs and fats, helps maintain digestive track health

Phridoxine: Helps maintain normal glucose levels, makes hemoglobin, makes antibodies to fight diseases


Strengthens hair and nails

Helps convert food into energy and synthesize glucose

Helps to prevent nerve damage in diabetic patients

Vitamin C

Boosts immune system

Speeds up wound healing

Helps collagen production

Helps prevent gout attacks


Regulates blood pressure

Reduces muscle aches and inflammation

Improves sleep

Helps treat chronic migraines, headaches, anxiety and stress

Supports digestive system


Boosts immune system

Improves acne symptoms

Helps reduce oxidative stress

Folic Acid

Treats certain types of anemia

May reduce risk for colon cancer

Vital for new cell creation

Mineral blend

Reduces muscle spasms

Improves thyroid symptoms

Reduces anxiety

Promotes relaxation

Fat Burners

Boost metabolism

Reduce stored fat in the body

Control appetite

Increase energy and stamina

Amino acids

Increase muscle growth

Helps the body turn fat into energy

Improves sexual health

Decrease muscle soreness

Reduce muscle fatigue


Reduces inflammation

Reduces cell damage in alcholic and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease

Improves skin complexion

Boosts immune system

Protects against chronic oxidative stress


Increase mental clarity and concentration

Boosts seratonin naturally

Improves mood

Supplements addiction recovery

Slows the aging process


Strengthen bones

Boosts immunity

Elevates mood

Alpha lipoic acid

Promotes healthy nerve function

Reverse skin aging by restoring elasticity

Decrease bloo sugar levels

Promotes normal thyroid levels


Reduces risk of heart disease

Helps lower blood pressure

Boost physical performance and endurance

Lowers risk of migraines and headaches

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